Monday, October 31, 2011

Swallows Nest Cuties!!

I would like to share with you about some people who are loving and serving orphans in Asia. Swallow's Nest is a small privately funded non-profit foster care home devoted to assisting orphaned and abandoned special needs children. If you want to see what love looks like take a peek at their website Swallow's Nest. If you feel adoption is not an option for you but you really feel called to help the orphan... sponsorship is one good way to do this. Swallows Nest children can be sponsored. Below are a few completely adorable children whose files are already completed or soon will be be ready making them available for adoption.

Here is sweet little "QT" Let's call him Quinn. This precious boy is almost 3 years old. Quinn sounds like he has some sort of heart issue but he is doing really well. He has good color and and has never shown any signs of stress or breathing problems. He really needs a mommy and daddy. Down Syndrome children often need a lot of extra time catching up. Our own Judah was quite "floppy" still at 3 1/2 years old and did not walk till he was over 4. Now he runs all over and happily speeds out to his school bus to scramble up the steps and start his day. Judah just turned 6 and was adopted two years ago. When he came home he was so delayed and behind in everything. Now Judah is THRIVING. Talking, writing, playing, running amok, like all the rest of the little boys. Quinn deserves that chance too! I know he would thrive all in capital letters too THRIVE.

This stunning little girl who is newly 2 years old is "ZYY" who I will call Zion. Zion has a face that will win over many many hearts! Oh goodness. I want to just scoop her up don't you? Her file is being readied and will be on the "shared list" soon. Zion looks like a total charmer doesn't she? If you are interested is learning more about her then contact me and I can hook you up with someone to help you find out more.

Dear Lord please work in "Quinn" and "Zion's" lives. Thank You Lord for the people You have provided to care for the children at Swallow's Nest. Thank You Lord that these children are being more than just fed and provided for... they are being loved!. Lord we ask You to call families forward to make Quinn and Zion their very own child through the miracle of adoption. Thank You for creating Zion and Quinn and for the magnificent and priceless blessings they are.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magnificent "Middles"

Some of you who know me hear me refer to my "littles", my "middles", and my teens and on of course to adult kids and "grandblessings". Today I want to share about magnificent "middles" . I love the ages groups of kids between about 7-8 to 11 or 12 year olds. This is kind of a forgotten age in child raising sometimes. These are not cute little kids like infants, toddlers and preschoolers. And the are not yet teens who are pseudo adults that you can mostly relate to in adult kind of way. "Middles" have a lot of positive things that we forget about unless we have kids that age at home. One of the nicest things about this age group is they still like you. They still love and cuddle with mom and dad. They still seek to please and love nothing more than spending time with their parent. You are still their hero! One of the things I like about Down Syndrome children is they take longer to get through their childhood. That means "I" get to enjoy all those neat things about childhood stages a bit longer with my DS kids. So when people are considering adopting a Down Syndrome child I think you can safely assume that that child will be younger acting than typically developing children of same age. This a positive in the adoption scheme of things! There are challenges centered around adopting older and teen age kids. The adjustment and attaching to a new family can take longer and be more complicated with older kids. I think adopting a Down Syndrome child who was 8 to 12 or so would be a really nice way to add to a family!

Sweet eleven year old Sara is a lovely young lady! She is said to be able to to normally take care of her daily needs. She loves socializing with the other children and helping caregivers to care for the little ones. She attends school and her teachers say that music is her favorite subject. Sara has been in care of institution since age one. She is described as an outgoing, optimistic and active girl with a joyful smile. She appears to be high functioning and just a delightful 10 year old ready for new adventures everyday. Holt is the agency trying to place her now. You can go to Holt and fill out a short application in order to receive her file with more information.

These next two girls are with Lifeline's wonderful new program in Maoming. Here can see all the current Maoming kids including many precious Down Syndrome children. But for right now here is lovely Debra and Daphne

Debra is a pretty eight year old girl now living in an orphanage known for it's excellent care of special needs children. She is ready to be adopted! Anyone who is looking to add a fun loving girl who is at a great age to fit right into a new family please contact Amy at

Several of the children listed with Lifeline's Maoming program not only have photos listed but videos too. The video of 11 year old Daphne was the first one I watched and it brought me to tears. She is soooo sweet! She is at her school and working at her desk. At her teachers prompting she gets out her notebook to show off her writing skills for the camera man. Watching her so carefully and skillfully writing in her Chinese characters really thrilled me! I like to think all my Down Syndrome kids might learn to write so well! As with Debra, Amy at is contact person at Lifeline if you might be interested in a daughter like darling Daphne.

Interested in seeing video of Daphne? Go to Daphne password "daphne"

Sunday, October 23, 2011


"Silas" is a chipper little man and snappy dresser! He was four years old in May and just the perfect age to introduce him to "Cars" and "Bob the Builder". Can't you just see him zooming around on a red shiny tricycle in your driveway? I really love the American name given to him for advocacy purposes. Silas is a special name to me as it is my grandson's name. This Silas is on the "shared list" from China so that means any agency can look at his file and share it with you. China has such a strong and steady adoption program now. Many people who may not have been able to adopt from China in past due to rules are now able to adopt from there. CCCWA (China) is quite serious and willing to work with families to get their special needs children placed with families. I believe that Silas is in a foster home in China and I think I can find out more information about him and talk to people who have met him. He is just too cute for words!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


This chubby bundle of girly girl sweetness is Ashlyn who will turn 2 years old next month. She is still just a baby! She is very well developed for her age and has a sweet loving personality. Here is more about her medical issues: Down Syndrome, heart defects, atelocardia and mitral insuffficiency (valve leak) astigmatism, dacryostenosis (blocked tear duct), atopic bronchial asthma, dematitis. It all sounds sort of intimidating doesn't it? But this little lady is a active bubbly toddler. Please don't be discouraged by the list of medical diagnosis. She would fit right into a family ready for tea partys and dress up play. Ashlyn is living in Russia now waiting for a family. Check our Reece's Rainbow ( for more information about this little princess!

Sweet Baby Drake

I wish I could make this photo larger to show off more of Drake's cuteness...this baby boy is adorable! This photo was taken when he was 6 mos old and he is a bit older now. Lifeline adoption agency is trying to find him a family. Lifeline is our adoption agency and I can not say enough good things about them. If anyone has the desire to have a sweet wee baby with Down Syndrome it would be possible to get this boy home while he was still quite young. If you go to you can ever see some video of baby Drake. The video is just precious.